11 Year old Chess Prodigy Praggnanandhaa is all set to become World’s Youngest Grand Master


Not many kids achieve name and fame at young age. An eleven year old Praggnanandhaa has done that and he is simply sensational and is spoken highly by others for his stupendous achievement in the game of chess.

It is superb to hear that this 11 year old Praggnanandhaa is highly talented prodigies in the game of chess in India. It was in the month of October in 2016 he made many heads turn when he took Paraguayan grand master Axel Bachmann in the battle of chess and beat him in just 18 moves.

He is again making news because of a historic achievement that is well within his grasp now. It is superb to mention that he would become world’s youngest chess grand master. It must be noted that there are nearly 16 months available for him to make this historical record happen. It is known that rankings are based on Elo points and it is now said that this 11 year old must get certain Elo points to beat the previous that was created by Sergey Karjakin of Russia.

One important point to note here is this Russian achieved the world’s youngest GM record when he was 12 years and seven months of age and made sensation. Praggnanandhaa sounded positive and determined about his upcoming world record and said before the month of August he would be playing minimum of five to six tournaments.

He also threw light on the fact that he has 2455 Elo points and in another three tournaments he could get past 2500 Elo points before the month of March in 2017. He also spoke about how he could do it before he turns 12 years of age. Superb!!

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