5-Year Old Champ Rudra Pratap Rocks the U-14 Cricket Match

Pic: Youtube Video Screengrab

Rudra Pratap, Five-year-old Cricketer played a U-14 T20 match, pretty confidently.

As we all know, Sachin Tendulkar was just 15 years old when he started playing first-class cricket.

We are glad that the couches caught him young and let him face the Cricketing World at a young age. But not all pick up the game as well as Sachin Tendulkar or Rudra Pratap. Is he the new Sachin in the making or we can say will Rudra be the new name topping Indian Cricketing charts?

Well, it is early to say that but we are glad to see this young lad hitting the ball so nicely and with so much glare.

The video went viral on Social media which depicts, scarcely bigger than the stumps, Pratap, gearing up and getting on the field to bat for his team. He cuts, drives, flicks and defends just like a seasoned cricketer. His talent could be easily gauged from the way he touches the ball.

His presence, confidence and daring attitude has won him a lot of hearts already. This tiny cricketer is sure to come up with more amazing shows and we wish him all the luck and success.

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