Baoringdao Bodo-This 17 year old Indian is the youngest scorer in the I-League and is fabulous

Baoringdao Bodo-This 17 year old Indian is the youngest scorer in the I-League and is fabulous

This 17 year old youngster Baoringdao Bodo is now making news. It is not every other day we come across youngsters like this Baoringao Bodo.

Playing for Minerva Punjab FC in the famous I-League this sensational teenager scored a goal and became the youngest ever to do so in the I-League and is now spoken in high esteem by many all over. It is great that he hugged his coach Surinder Singh after he scored goal. It must not be forgotten that this coach played 19 year old Anirudh Thapa in a game versus Mumbai FC.

This Bodo spoke to Scoop Whoop regarding his feat and said he was happy to achieve that and he also said he had the feeling that he would score goal. He also spoke about how he knew that there could be a chance of rebound.

He further threw light on the fact that when rebound came it was higher than he had expected but he adjusted and scored goal and surprised many. It is well known that he is a product of the famous AIFF Elite Academy. His achievement of winning the Most promising Player award at the AIFF SAI U-14 Championships is sensational.

In the IFA Shield that took place in the year 2016 this Baoringdao Bodo made many heads turn when he was the top scorer and player of the tournament. It was awesome when he was picked by AIFF for their regional academy and was spoken highly by many.

This Baoringdao Bodo made many sit up and take notice of him when he was selected for Chennaiyin team at the prestigious Indian Super League. Sensational!!

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