Carl Samuelson- Amazing runner has lost 100 pounds weight and wants to take part in the famous Boston Marathon


Boston marathon is a famous marathon that is conducted every year and is hosted by cities in greater Boston in Massachusetts in USA. It is very famous these days and has come a long way since it was started in the year 1897. Held on Patriots Day every year this superb Boston Marathon is world’s oldest marathon and is superb.

It is worthy to mention here that BAA or Boston Athletic Association in USA has been playing a major role in managing this superb event since the year 1897. One man named Carl Samuelson has become talk of the town now because he wants to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

This Carl Samuelson who weighed around 310 pounds few years back took part in running and the superb news that has been revealed now is he lost nearly 100 pounds. Another great piece of information about his weight loss is he has become more active now as a result of that he has been able to spend more time with his family.

He also spoke about how he wants to continue running for many years in the future also. Carl Samuelson threw light on the fact that his overweight hindered his movements and it created a complex in him as he was not able to remove his shirt while swimming. He also revealed how he used to set himself small targets of running one mile on treadmill without stopping. To his surprise he found weight loss and he later continued this running outside. This Carl Samuelson inspires many now.

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