Charlie has recovered from her skiing accident and is on her way towards playing winter Olympic Games in 2018

Charlie has recovered from her skiing accident
Pic: Ladies Ski Club / BBC

It is rare to see people like Charlie in this world. This inspirational Scots skier has slowly recovered from her severe life threatening injury and the good news is she might take part in the 2018 winter Olympic games. Incredible isn’t it!!

It all happened in November 2014 in Sweden when this Charlie fell down on a boulder and broke her back during the training and for two years she has been getting treatments for her back and is now fine.

On that fateful day she wore a back protector as per her coach advice and that saved her from more serious injury to her but she had her four vertebrae fractured and was in great pain. It must be noted that the ambulance took 250 kms from the place where her accident happened to the hospital.

That she was courageous and highly determined is proved by that fact that she returned back to skiing slopes just six weeks after the accident.

It is great to hear that she would represent her country at Pyeongchang in South Korea. She became sensation after she was crowned British ladies National Slalom Champion. It is worthy to note that she has done superbly in Austria as well as in Slovenia and has met with the Olympic qualifying standard. According to this Charlie getting selected for 2018 winter Olympics is her sole objective now and she felt happy for her getting qualified for that mega event in 2018.

It is really fabulous that this Charlie got first taste of skiing when she was just three years kid. Awesome Charlie!!

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