Chris Jones- This disabled former serviceman who nearly died during surf kayaking is inspirational to many with his determination


In this world few people amaze us with their strong will power and determination. Chris Jones is one such person who has been sensational and is spoken highly by many for his unbelievable efforts.

It is shocking and surprising to note that Chris Jones nearly died after passing out during surf kayaking but has defied advice and he took part in world championships and made many heads turn with his sensational act. It is really sad to note that he had many injuries in his legs and uses a wheelchair. His fibromyalgia issue gives him constant pain in his legs. When he was just 25 years of age he was discharged form Army Air Corps.

He is now 43 years of age and had spoken his heart out about his mental health issues and about his anger, inability etc and was touching. He revealed how surfing was superb for him and how it helped him to overcome his many issues and brought a sense of calmness and happiness. Chris Jones recollected his thoughts and said he took up surfing 17 years back so that he could be active after his leg injuries that have kept him in wheel chair.

He also spoke about how his fibromyalgia condition came in his way and how it shut his brain when he was paddling and was saved. He further spoke about how he left surfing because of his loving wife and how he was not able to live without surfing. Chris Jones threw light on the fact that he liked surfing more than any sport and started surfing once again from the month of July. Superb Chris Jones!!

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