Fasil Ali a 26 year old is helping many kids in Kashmir in martial arts

Pic: Master Fasil/Facebook

A 26 year old youngster named Fasil Ali has become cynosure of many eyes in Kashmir now. This Fasil Ali is referred as Master in Kashmir even though he has not got master’s degree and is also not an academic. It must be noted that he is a superb coach in martial arts and is respected highly there for his awesome skills. Remarkable isn’t it!!

It is simply sensational to hear that two of his students have done tremendously in martial arts. Tajamul Islam is a seven year old student of his and he is now world kickboxing champion. Another student Hashim Mansoor is a 6 year old kid who has been excellent in karate and is is gold medallist at the famous Asian Karate Championship.

Life was not easy for this 26 year old Fasil Ali at the beginning because there were many problems when he introduced martial arts in place surrounded by mountains that is 70kms from Srinagar. Fasil Ali recollected some of his past memories and said the picture of famous martial artist Bruce Lee in a magazine inspired him to take up martial arts in his life.

It was in the year 2005 he made many heads turn when he in his official combat as a player he won gold and proudly spoke about how he was the first person from Kashmir Valley who knew martial arts. Later Fasil Ali opened martial arts training academy in a place called Bandipore and was noticed by many. According to him a person can have superb career in sports if only that person is dedicated and hardworking. Superb Fasil Ali!!

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