Football Legend Diego Maradona has something to say to footballer Juan Veron even in the charity game organized by pope


Diego Maradona was an outstanding football player of his generation who had captured the hearts of many with his sensational playing skills. It is known that he was a great fighter who does not give an inch while playing his opponent teams. In the past many teams have faced the furious nature of this awesome Diego Maradona.

This amazing football player who is known to speak his heart out had some issues recently when he played a charity game organised by Pope Francis. It must be noted that during the game in Rome this Maradona came in contact with another football player named Juan Veron.

It must be noted that Veron was player who represented Manchester United plus he also played under Diego Maradona between 2008 and 2010 for Argentina.

It is known that there were few issues regarding the appointment of manager after the world cup in 2014. Diego Maradona even said that Veron betrayed him and acted as a big shot when Veron was involved in the process that appointed Martino as the manager.

It is now brought out that Diego Maradona had not forgotten the past and spoke words like’’ I tell you straight to your face idiot” and created lots of embarrassment for Juan Veron. Diego Maradona was restrained by the security persons and also by Cafu who was a popular defender of Brazil football team.

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