Harjeet Singh- This Son of a Truck Driver Leading Indian Junior Hockey Team to World Cup Win is Highly Inspirational

Pic: Twitter

Few sports persons are often regarded very highly than the rest because they had played great role in bringing laurels for the country. One such sportsperson who has been spoken highly by many now is none other than Harjeet Singh.

Recently India beat Belgium 2-1 and took Hockey Junior World Cup for 2016 and this victory was considered great because it was only the second time host country had won the cup plus there is also another reason why the victory was considered high. It was in 2001 Gagan Ajith Singh’s team won this cup and after so many years India again won the Hockey Junior World Cup.

The man who made this victory for India possible is none other than Harjeet Singh. It is now confirmed that this 20 year old Harjeet Singh’s mind blowing display of Hockey where he created chances from counter attacks for his strikers were amazing.

It is great that this Harjeet Singh also played huge role in India winning the coveted four-nation Invitational Tournament by thrashing Germany in Spain last month and he was regarded highly since then. It is worthy to mention that this 20 year old Harjeet Singh is the son of a truck driver from Punjab and played the game with his neighbourhood friends.

It is now revealed that his parents did not approve regarding him taking Hockey as his career as they did not have enough money to help him. At this point of time he went to Gopal Hockey Academy and played Hockey. Later his family started supporting Harjeet as they came to know that he has been sensational. Great Harjeet Singh!!

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