Hashim Mansoor- 7 year old boy from Kashmir gets gold medal at the Asian karate Championship

Pic: Business Standard

A seven year old boy Hashim Mansoor has been the talk of the town now. This boy belongs to Kashmir and has now made the state and people of Kashmir happy and proud by his superb achievement in Karate field.

It is superb to note that at the Asian Karate Championship this Hashim Mansoor was cynosure of many eyes there as he got the coveted gold medal and was appreciated for his brilliant feat. Bandipora in Kashmir Valley doesn’t boast of many sports resources and this boy has done tremendously from the state of Kashmir in winning the gold medal at the Karate championship.

Nobody at this moment could be very happy and proud than this Faisal Ali. This Faisal Ali is the coach of this 7 year old Hashim Mansoor and he feels very happy about the achievement of his student.

Coach Faisal Ali threw light on the fact about the lack of many sports resources in Kashmir and his pupil Hashim getting gold medal was mind blowing. Hashim expressed his thoughts and said he was practising Karate since he was just one year old and felt delighted to have won the fight and gold medal. It is superb that as many as 19 countries participated in this Karate event and Hashim Mansoor stole the event with a gold medal and he won over Sri Lankan opponent and created record.

Ghulam Nabi tantray who is Jammu and Kashmirs Youth Karate Federation President spoke highly about the hard work of the coach Faisal Ali. Superb Hashim Mansoor and his coach Faisal Ali!!

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