“I Am Bolt” – Movie on Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is Inspiring


What many sports persons dream in their lives Usain Bolt has achieved those in reality and is awesome. This Usain Bolt is an amazing sprinter from Jamaica who has made great impact on many all over the world with his mind blowing talent.

This incredible Usain Bolt holds the record in 100m and 200m dashes event plus he was also responsible for anchoring the fastest 4 * 100m relay event ever. It is great to mention that this Usain Bolt got gold medals in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and was spoken highly by many.

It is now said that a documentary titled ‘’I Am Bolt’’ would be released soon and this documentary is directed by Benjamin Turner and Gabe Turner. Produced by people like Heather Greenwood, Matt Kaye plus others like Simon Olivera, Leo Parlman and David Soutar this documentary took two years to make and it showcases Usain Bolt’s triple-triple that refers to three gold medals at three successive Olympic Games in three events.

According to Usain Bolt pressure brings the best out of him and likes to live under pressure and he also expressed the confidence he had on his coach plus team etc. He also spoke about how he wanted to show his other side to many people like his interest to have fun, chilling out etc.

Usain bolt also threw light on the fact that he wanted to be greatest ever like footballer Pele or boxer Muhammad Ali etc. There are talks that he might world championships next year in London might be his last meet.

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