James Ellington: Shocking Story how the Sprinter survived the Motorbike Crash

James Ellington Shocking Story how the Sprinter survived the Motorbike Crash
Pic: Daily Express

James Ellington is a well-known British sprinter, who races in the 100 metres and 200 metres.

In early 2017, he met with a road accident while driving the motorbike alongside fellow sprinter Nigel Levine.

The accident was so disastrous that James defines it as “It was like I’d been in a bomb explosion. Everything was just ripped off. Blood poured out of me. I thought I might not survive this.”

He remembers getting to hospital, looking up and seeing seven or eight nurses and doctors running around.

He spent five days in intensive care in Tenerife before being flown back to the UK, where two surgeons operated on him, with the primary aim to save his leg but also to give him the best possible chance of returning to elite athletics.

James made a remarkable progress in his recovery from such serious injuries. “Doing simple things was a chore” he said during one of the interview.

Brave sportsman is regaining fitness and aiming to be back running on the track.

In an interview with The Guardian he said:

If you genuinely believe, then within reason you can do pretty much anything. If there aren’t any residual bad injuries, I’ve no doubt I’ll come back. My genetics and cells haven’t changed. I will heal. I will get strong again.

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