Jason Heyward finally made good on the Cubs’

File Pic: YouTube Snapshot

Jason Heyward disappeared for much of the Chicago Cubs’ postseason run, but the $184 million man is being credited by his teammates as the one responsible for an extra-inning rally to win the World Series.

The cubs were feeling down after Rajai Davis and the Indians tied the game to force extra innings Wednesday night but this wasn’t the stop. It was fortunate for the that the rain was on the way and as a result, MLB officials and umpires decided to put the tarp of the field for 17 minutes as a shower forced play to stop before the top of the 10th and that’s when Heyward stepped in, rallying the Cubs with an important meeting and pump-up speech during the break that sparked two decisive runs nearly 15 minutes later.

Kris Bryant, Cubs third baseman was so excited at this. He told to Fox Sports, “that was the best thing for us when we supported each other and Jason Heyward led the way and getting us ready.”

Anthony Rizzo, First baseman also credited Heyward for pumping up the team when they needed it.

Heyward who was 3 for 20 in the World Series and batted .230 with a career-low seven homers during the regular season, simply emphasized the team to remember their identity despite the adversity.

According to Heyward, “I just had to remind them who they were. I just had to remind everybody who we are, who these guys are, what we overcome to get here. Win or lose, we never worry about that.”

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