Kadena Special Olympics has grown superbly over the last 17 years and is inspired by the spirit of athletes and is sensational

Pic: of Kadena Air Base

At the recent annual Kadena special Olympics athletes as many as 900 took part and surprised many people. It is great that the motto behind their participation is simply superb. It is now said that they all wanted to win but if they could not win they want to make an attempt atleast.

It is now brought out that by taking part at the special Olympics the athletes reminded the crowd that life is all about providing inspiration to reach beyond the impossible.

As per Brigadier General Barry Cornish this Kadena Olympics is awesome and is more than a sporting event. This unique sporting event makes it possible for the coming together of people of their communities plus this event also helps in celebrating the success of many inspiring persons.

It is important to mention here that the first event took place in the year 2000 and was successful. In this year’s event as many as 5000 people gathered at Kadena Special Olympics sporting event that was five times when compared with year 2000. It must be noted that this event was sponsored by the Friends of Kadina Special Olympics in combination wit the 18th Wing.

It is now confirmed that the athletes were taken with a military person and moved thorough the crowd and later Olympic torch was lit that signaled the beginning of the games.Many events such as running,wheelchair dashes plus others like basketball, tennis etc were played with total joy and happiness by the participants.

It is superb that these athletes did well at the event and it were really inspirational to many. Great effort!!

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