Karachi United Woman’s Football Team is breaking grounds in Pakistan, creating a revolution

Dawn.com Video Screengrab

The Football team is transcending borders and kick-starting a revolution. They have skilled kicks and what made them so popular on the social media is the ‘mannequin challenge’. Its type of a trend where mid action been freezed by people during a video recording and as the Karachi United team members pause, their posture and control is a testament to their athletic abilities.

A month ago, the team representated Pakistan in the International Women’s Football Cultural Festival in Germany where they participated in panel discussions and came up with some really great ideas for women’s football and its challenges.

Behind all this fame, there were things that weren’t so easy because female participation in any kind of sport was not even on the second thoughts in a country like Pakistan and then brought up of Karachi United Women’s Division is like setting a benchmark in fact creating equal opportunities for female empowerment also.

Mashal Hussain, co-founder of the women’s division, tells Dawn, “What began as just me wanting to play football kind of spun into creating a youth program for younger girls. Six years later we’re standing here, happy to have our own squad.” Mashal wants to promote Football as a lifestyle.

The essential objective of the women’s youth programme is to urge young girls to take part in more focused and competitive sport from a more youthful age and build up the fundamental abilities required to seek after potential profession openings both in Pakistan and abroad.

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