Lewis Pugh- This swimmer from Britain swam one km through icy waters of Antartica to create awareness regarding environment

Pic: @LewisPugh

A swimmer from Britain is now hogging the headlines. This superb swimmer Lewis Pugh did unbelievable act of swimming through the icy waters of Antartica and created sensation. The objective behind this was to create awareness regarding environment and in protection of oceans. remarkable isn’t it!!

It is known that swimming is not easy task even in normal conditions but this Lewis Pugh who swam through the icy waters was just sensational. He was spoken in high esteem by many there.

Bellingshausen Sea is very famous sea that is located along the west side of the Antartic peninsula and this 47 year old swimmer Lewis Pugh swam with swimming trunks and created sensation.

It is worthy to mention that as per Antartic 2020 campaign 7 million square kilometres of ocean around continent would to be converted to protected marine reserve. It is now said that Lewis Pugh did this amazing swimming as a part of this campaign. It is important to note that the big area that he wants to protect is almost the size of Australia and that is awesome.

It is worthy to mention that this Lewis Pugh is also Environment Patron of Oceans for UN and he felt happy and proud that he could swim through icy waters to create awareness regarding environment and regards swimming as symbolic.

It is interesting to mention that he just wore swimming shorts plus goggles plus hat during his swimming and his hat had logo of United Nations Environment programme. Sensational Lewis Pugh!!

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