Mike Printo- This minor league manager inspires many people with his amazing and daring fire eating act

Pic: Youtube Video Snapshot

How would you react when you come across a man who eats fire? Shocked and surprised right!! A man named Mike Printo eats fire and has shocked many around him with his unbelievable act. It is important to note that this Mike Printo is a manager of Independent Southern Illinois Miners and he works as a motivational speaker during the winter period.

It is sensational that he inspires many business people present in many cities as he travels from one city to another. He could also be seen making huge impression on crowds as big as 5000 people in many corporate meetings etc. It is great to mention that Mike Printo has been doing his work of helping many people to overcome fear and he is spoken highly by many.

It is now clear that this Mike Printo helps people overcome their fear by igniting a match stick and later putting that stick with fire in his mouth. It is said that twice in year this Mike Printo would ask his players to eat fire in team meeting. Mike Printo was amazed on to see players who are macho in appearance fear eating fire.

It is sensational to hear that this Mike Pinto has got the highest winning percentage in the famous Frontier League History and his Miners have caught the attention of many by reaching the playoffs in six out of total seven seasons. Superb Mike Printo!!

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