Motivational Life Lessons to Lean from Quotes of Novak Djokovic, World Famous Tennis player

Motivational Life Lessons from Quotes of Novak Djokovic, World Famous Tennis player
Pic: Wikimedia

1Mental balance is as important as physical

I stopped thinking too much about what could happen and relied on my physical and mental strength to play the right shots at the right time.

2Giving back to society and fulfilling dream of others

I want to help children in Serbia and around the world so they can realize their dreams.

3We can’t achieve anything without support from family

My father never talked about the sacrifices that the family made for me.

4Always remember those who make sacrifices for you

My mother is a special story. She went through so much to bring us up, four men at home, especially when our country was going through really difficult times.

5Do things to make your country proud

People look up to me as somebody who is able to switch the image of our country from negative to positive.

6Family values are supreme

Serbian history tells that the family is the most important thing and you have to stick with the family.

7When you miss the team work in individual sport

The tradition in Serbia has always been team sports – football, basketball, handball, volleyball and water polo, individual sports are not supported.

8Help others to achieve their dreams

Those born into poverty or on the margins of society require our extra support to realize their dreams.

9Life throws many challenges at you

We have a harder way to succeed in life as Serbs because of the past that we had and because of the history we had.

10Sense of humor is the best medicine

Joking around is part of my personality, just who I am.

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