Popular Nigerian trekker ‘Abubakar Duduwale’ to trek from Nigeria to UK for World Peace

Pic: LinkNaija

Beginning from Kaduna state, the well-known trekker, Abubakar Duduwale has recently uncovered his next journey to trek from Nigeria to the United Kingdom. Previously, he supported President Buhari as he trekked from Yola to Abuja.

Duduwale (43) is from Adamawa state who utilizes his trekking journey to make mindfulness on drifting issues influencing the country and this time he aims at creating awareness on terrorism on his trek from Nigeria to Abuja to UK. Duduwale wants to show that how terrorism affects lives and property of people.

Abubakar Said that he intends to pass the message that fear mongering is detestable and must be ceased. He also said, “I have trekked round the 19 northern states of Nigeria promulgating the gospel of peace and war against terrorism, insurgency, corruption, drug abuse as well as promoting unity.

His trekking is not for fun but it’s for world peace.

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