Ron Hill, the legenary runner decides to take a day off from running !

Ron Hill, the legenary runner decides to take a day off from running !
Pic: We are Team England

78 years old ,the former Olympian ,the running legend Ron Hill has ended his 52-year streak of running of at least one mile every single day after experiencing chest pains. Truly amazing feat !

Dedicated and disciplined Ron has run every day since 20 December 1964, clocking up 52 years and 39 days. He has won marathon gold medals at the European Championships in 1969 and the 1970 Commonwealth Games he also ran in three Olympic games – Tokyo in 1964, Mexico City in 1968 and Munich in 1972.

His final marathon was the 100th Boston Marathon, in 1996.  He has till date completed 115 marathons, 112 under 2:50, 103 under 2:45 and 29 under 2:20. Hill recorded 21 marathon victories in his career, placing second 13 times, and third 8 times. He is known for his great marathon victories and world records.

His love for running is seen in him in wearing mesh singlets, split running shorts.  and creating road racing shoes. He runs with determination has been inspirational to other runners.

His performances in the marathon are incredible. He has established Ron Hill Sports,  he was the first to use synthetic fabrics in sportswear. There is also a street in Accrington called Ron Hill Way -which is named after him.

Salut Ron Hill to being one of the most important figures in the evolution of running !

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