Shaheen Ansari- 44 year old is the first ever female from India to become world referee for karate at world championships

Pic: FosterGem

This article is about a woman named Shaheen Ansari who has done unbelievably in her life as karate champion and is now the first ever woman from India who has become world referee for karate at world championships. This Shaheen Ansari had created many records and as seventh degree black belt and winner of many karate competitions all over she is terrific.

It must be noted that she lives in Mazagaon and her house full of cups, trophies and medals shows the greatness of this humble woman in the field of karate.

Life was not bed of roses for her and she had many problems in her life. This Shaheen Ansari was so determined and went on in her life. According to her learning form the hurdles is very important and it must be forgotten. It was in 2010 she retired form karate sport and later took her first referee exam in the month of August 2010.Qualifying as referee is not an easy task. This 44 year old Shaheen Ansari did tremendously by giving 6 exams that is two exams for kata and four exams for kumite.

It is really amazing that she finished referee A Asian level exams very fast and it took her just three years. It is superb to mention here that she also did well in the practical exams where she has to referee six bouts of karate matches and marks for those would be given by the examiners.

October in the year 2016 would never be forgotten by her because in that month she made it through the exams successfully and has now become a Referee A at world championships. Great Shaheen Ansari!!

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