Stephanie McMahon – Motivational Quotes of Fourth-Generation Wrestling Promoter


For me, it’s not tough because I’ve always had this strange duality throughout my life.

I grew the creative writing team from about three people to about 30 people and developed a bunch of different innovations within that team.

I just like to have fun. Being able to play the bad guy as my character is on TV as a member of The Authority and being probably one of the ultimate villains on the show.

I think it’s one of the secret sauces to our success if you will is that our fans are a part of our show.

The message of believing in yourself and respecting yourself is incredibly important.

We have a zero tolerance policy for domestic abuse. Upon arrest for such misconduct, our superstars are immediately suspended and should there be a conviction, that superstar or diva would be terminated.

We trend on Twitter 52 weeks a year.

We’re the No. 1 sports channel on YouTube, with 12 billion views a year.

When you see people booing me, it’s good. It means I’m doing my job.

WrestleMania is part of the network offering. That’s the biggest value we could give our fans.

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