Tajamul Islam, an eight year old Kashmiri girl who won gold in Kickboxing

Pic: The Indian Express

This is about an eight year old girl named Tajamul Islam from Kashmir has won a gold medal for India at an international kickboxing event without having to throw a punch in anger and she was the youngest participant from India in the November 7-11 championships. Tajamul is the third child of Ghulam Mohammad Lone, a driver with a private company. Her elder sister had got her enrolled at a kickboxing academy in Bandipore. Now, she is all set to become the first Indian to represent the country at the World Kickboxing Championship in Andria, Italy, from November 14 to 19.

A sports official said that Tajamul is from Bandipore district in north Kashmir and was the lone participant in her event in the below-35kg category at the world kickboxing championships in Italy this month. Not only that, she went a step further when she bagged a gold in the sub-junior category in the National Kickboxing Championship in New Delhi in December last year, booking her berth at this year’s World Championship.

As per Yogesh Shad, working president of the Kickboxing Federation of India, “None of her rivals were able to obtain Italian visas. The World Kickboxing Federation’s rules say that if there’s only one contestant in any event, he or she should be declared the winner, also India has won two gold, two silver and five bronze medals in the championships. This is the country’s best ever performance in the kickboxing worlds.”

Faisal Ali Dar, her coach in Kashmir was sure that Tajamul will definitely bagged this Gold Medal. He stated the girl as an excellent fighter who has surprised experts  through her self-confidence, skill and aggression. She has a great future in sports. Faisal Ali Dar has also praised her dedication and thanked the girl’s parents and school teachers for supporting the young talent.

However, behind Tajamul’s win there is a great support  of army too. Army  had played a big role in her development as a kickboxer. Tajamul goes to the nearest army goodwill school. A source said the army had borne most of the expenses on her training and travel.

The school-going kid has been a sensation in Bandipore and is inspiring the girls of Kashmir. She was adjudged the best fighter of Jammu & Kashmir in 2014 in a district championship in Bandipore.

Tajamul’s family and their friends were planning a big celebration after she returned from Italy. In fact, people are already celebrating in Bandipore for Tajamul’s win.

Bandipore is an area which has seen massive pro-independence protests during the current, four-month-old unrest.

Vice-president of the Kickboxing Federation of India Ghulam Nabi Tantray is confident of Tajamul’s success. “I saw something amazingly different in her when she won the gold medal in Delhi and I was fully determined to remove any obstacle coming her way. I believe that she will set new milestones of success,” Ghulam Nabi Tantray said.

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