The inspirational story of Jarvis Jenkins: How his father used football to motivate him


Jarvis Jenkins is an American Football defensive end player for the New York Jets of the NFL (National Football League). Below is an excerpt from an inspirational story from Jenkins about how his father used football to motivate him to do better in school, which led him to help others learn to read. Jarvis Jenkins shared this interesting and inspirational story of Football. Read out the entire incident below.

How Football story used by Jarvis Jenkins father helped him to take Football.

When Jarvis Jenkins was in school, he had actually no time for studies and has always been on the fun side more. It was fun for Jarvis Jenkins to fling little paper footballs at his classmates. He would fold up the paper as tight as he can and then basically sling shot it with a rubber band.

The trick was to get one of those really thick rubber bands to make those things really fly. They would just shoot across the room and smack some kid in the back of the head.

Jarvis Jenkins as a kid enjoyed these little paper footballs and roll it till it became pretty hard and he would for all the time smack it on other kids.

Jarvis Jenkins remember an incident. He was in third grade and one day he returned from school when his father stopped him and said that, “You like being active, you like moving around? Well, we’re gonna try and channel this energy into something else. We’re gonna try football.”

That’s how all started.

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