The Paracyclist who was left with bleeding after he was forces to remove his Prosthetic

Pic: Facebook

In Bengaluru happened one of the very unfortunate incident that has re-defined shame on the humanity. Aditya Mehta, a Paralympian had to remove his prosthetic limb as a part of security check on the early morning of Tuesday and then was left with bleeding. This was not the first time, two months ago, the paralympian went through a similar ordeal at the same airport.

As the paracyclist described the situation that he was forced to remove his limb by an officer of Central Industrial Security Force (CSIF) and since his flight would take off soon, he hurriedly tried to wear it again and hurted himself.
“When I removed the limb at my home, I found I was bleeding,” he said.

Aditya filed a complaint against Thakur Das, the officer with the head of the CISF and also has written to the Prime Minister’s Office about the same.

The para-cycling champion said that he was humiliated twice by the same officer. He also added that that he was contemplating suing the CISF, which handles security at big airports.

Aditya Mehta pleaded before the officer so that he could allow him to pass without taking off his limb as it would take much time to strap it on again but the security officer told him that it’s the matter of security and also that the limb is his own problem.

Aditya Mehta who has been advised by doctors not to use the prosthesis while walking till his injury heals was so furious at this that Indian Government also hasn’t enough money to help the airport with body scanners and also warned that if government can’t do, he himself will raise the money.

Dipa Malik, who won a shotput silver in this year’s paralympics said, “Security is in its place everybody has to go through it… I don’t know if he had his medical certificates. That helps with the security.”

She also said termed this as “senstisizing security people.”

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