This 105 year old Frenchman Robert Marchand created world record by cycling


Could you believe this!! A man named Robert Marchand of age 105 has done unbelievably in cycling and has grabbed the attention of many all over with his stupendous feat.

This 105 year old Robert Marchand is not an ordinary man but he has great determination, courage etc and he is now spoken in great esteem by many around him. When most people at his age would be very weak and doing different activities this sensational Robert Marchand had cycled 14 miles in one hour and proved his strength to many now.

It must be noted that he set this sensational record before many in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines that is located in the east of Paris, France. It is now revealed by Robert that he could have performed better if he had not missed a sign that said he had ten minutes left for cycling. According to physiologist Veronique Billat this 105 year old Robert has got a big heart that pumps lot of blood plus he could reach high heart beat values that are exceptional for a 105 year old man.

Veronique also spoke about how Robert Marchand is a man of principles and further said Robert did not consume meat in the past one month. It is now revealed that this Robert who was told by a coach to stop cycling due to his poor talent has done amazingly in creating record in cycling. It is great to note that this Robert Marchand is a freedom fighter plus truck driver plus a lumberjack in Canada. It is worthy to mention that Robert does not smoke, takes lots of fruits and vegetables Awesome Robert Marchand!!

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