This USA based professional baseball first baseman Mark Teixeira of New York Yankees gave some advice to his heir apparent Greg Bird and sounded great

Pic: Pinterest

Born in the year 1980 on 11th of April Mark Teixeira is America based professional baseball first baseman and he is simply superb with great fan following. It is great to note that this Mark Teixeira was with New York Yankees team for majority of his last 14 years and made deep impact on many with his great skills.

Other important teams he had represented in the Major League Baseball or MLB are Texas Rangers, Atlanta Braves etc. His supreme skills in baseball was first noticed when he played college baseball for the renowned Georgia Tech University.

It is known that Greg Bird would take over from Mark Teixeira and Bird spent time observing this Mark. It is now revealed that Mark Teixeira asked this Greg Bird to take the things easy and to get ready for the next year. This simple meaningful advice from Mark is regarded highly by Bird now.

It is now clear that this Bird has gone about his business as per the advice of mark and is concentrating on having good at-bats. It is now said that his early fall ball success is not a big surprise because Greg Bird has 11 homers, 157 at-bats plus 46 games and is said to be over qualified for his 23 years of age.

Greg Bird spoke about how he would stay healthy, get the reps and play again. He also threw light on his shoulder problem and said it was okay. Superb!!


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